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Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System
with Always Active™ Technology

Sentricon Always Active Always baited, so it's always ready to protect your home.
The Sentricon System with Always Active technology features Recruit™ HD termite bait — a highly durable bait that is placed in all stations around a structure. What's so innovative about Recruit HD termite bait?
  • Faster bait delivery
  • Always in the ground and available to termites 24/7/365
  • A proactive line of defense
  • Active ingredient, noviflumuron, proven effective at eliminating termite colonies
  • Enough bait in one bait device to eliminate a typical termite colony
  • Spread from termite to termite throughout the colony
  • Termites prefer it over wood as well as the bait currently in your Sentricon stations
  • Annual service visit instead of bi-monthly means less disruption to your property and landscape
We are an authorized firm for the Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System from Dow-AgroSciences. Sentricon establishes a new standard for protecting property from subterranean termites. A revolutionary way to protect property from subterranean termite damage. Sentricon* is based on an unprecedented technology that takes advantage of our understanding of subterranean termite biology and behavior. It is the only complete colony elimination system that provides continuous property protection for as long as the system is installed and serviced

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* Sentricon is a registered Trademark of Dow AgroSciences
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